Accueil Non classé CertificatePoint (CPNTCoin) Is Revolutionizing the Education and Learning Experience

CertificatePoint (CPNTCoin) Is Revolutionizing the Education and Learning Experience


Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, just like other emerging technology, have been breaking boundaries with cross-industry applications that go beyond the initial financial focus. The main strength of blockchain technology is its features decentralized storage, immutability, traceability, and transparency. It’s these features that have facilitated secure transactions, open collaboration, unhindered exchange of data, creation of agreements through smart contracts, and giving incentives to users to achieve better results by earning cryptocurrencies or tokens that have made the applications relevant in fields such as health, education and art industries among others.


Education is one of the mainstream industries that have benefited from the growth of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The industry is expanding and growing with innovations that promise to break the boundaries and solve problems of inefficiencies of traditional education models, limited access to credentials and education records, and documentation validity issues. Most of these problems can be tackled through blockchain-powered software.


Certification Point


CertificationPoint is an online college (or trade school) project-based learning employment marketplace. It’s a platform that allows clients (service buyers) to award students project-based learning opportunities.

The platform provides credentials certifications to its users, including centralized credential management for businesses, service buyers, and college/trade school students for career management and networking. The platform facilitates the process of validating your experience and exam-based credentials to worldwide businesses to help you reach your full potential. Based on the online collaborative tools, CertificatePoint also allows for onsite and/or remote team project management.


Businesses (service buyers) and students create online profiles and portfolios, submit proposals for jobs, and following successful collaboration, receive payment from the service buyer via the CertificatePoint platform.


CertificationPoint Cryptocurrency Application (CPNTCoin)


CertificationPoint has introduced its native coin, CPNTCoin, to facilitate its services to its users. CPNTCoin helps advance the CertificationPoint educational technology ecosystem. The coin has multiple use cases, which include paying transaction fees on the CertificationPoint platform, making in-store payments, and many more.

As a “proof-of-stake” crypto, the token is easy to transfer, inexpensive and fast. One can buy and hold the CPNTCoin or trade it against other cryptocurrencies for profits. You can store your CPNTCoinin its own remote wallet- a decentralized secure wallet set within CertLink.


One major advantage of CPNTCoin is that it’s backed by a real economy that is growing at an astronomical speed. EdTech industry is booming as learners are looking to get affordable and easy to access education and training services. CertificationPoint is a platform that has taken into the use of Ethereum blockchain and cryptocurrency to offer its services to students. It can only be projected that CPNTCoin will increase in value to give investors an amazing return on investment.




Blockchain’s role in education is expansive. First, blockchain is used to store and provide universal easy access to credentials on a decentralized ledger. Second, they optimize educational processes with smart contracts. Lastly, it provides incentives for students to learn with rewards in cryptocurrency. This is why CertificationPoint has introduced its native cryptocurrency, CPNTCoin, which will help it scale into the expansive education market by providing services affordably, efficiently, and securely. One can own CPNTCoin by buying or earn coins by performing a series of activities offered by the company.

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